Why I Hate SEO Agencies

I generally avoid using extreme terms like hate and it’s ironic that in the bigger scheme of startup things, SEO is what evokes such strong emotions in me! I know SEO is important. Or rather, that’s the popular narrative and I don’t know any better. So let’s just go with that. 😑

But trying to hire an SEO agency is such a crapshoot. My negotiations with ALL the agencies I’ve spoken with over the past 5 years go somewhat…




CEO, Founder — SmartCue | getsmartcue.com

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Robin Singhvi 🇺🇸👉🏽🇮🇳

Robin Singhvi 🇺🇸👉🏽🇮🇳

CEO, Founder — SmartCue | getsmartcue.com

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